THE Miami Dolphins JERSEYS

The colors of the dolphins jerseys perfectly depict the area of Miami. It is how they dress; their houses are painted in shades of bright colors. As you roam the town you can see a lot pink, blue houses and shades of white dressing. There are simply no dark houses.

In 1965, After the merging of AFL-NFL. Fans submitted nearly over 20,000 entries in a contest to name south Florida new team and only one rose to the top. The dolphins, it speaks of sun, it speaks of flipper and doesn't necessarily speak of an intimidating football team but when the franchise caps off winning a super bowl and finishing season at 17-0 it doesn't really matter.

The fins franchise was introduced in 1966 to the NFL. In 1970 the story of the world champions MIAMI DOLPHINS was born. In 1972 fins made a record that has never been broken in NFL History, they became the only team in NFL history to finish a season undefeated.

The home nike jerseys have always been blue green(aqua) with white numbers, and orange trim. The dolphin's Jersey has seen only minor changes since there existence. In 1972 dolphins chose to where the white uniform at home. When you look at it and you say that's perfect; that is the perfect team. It made that color scheme, it made that team logo and it made the team stand out in the NFL with perfection. The fins helmet is white and features a dolphin wearing a white helmet jumping through an orange sun shaped ring. Miami is a hot place; you are not going to where black. They take advantage of teams coming to their tuff. It is a brilliant psychological move. The Miami dolphins have maintained this iconic look for decades.

In the early 2000's they introduced an alternate jersey in south Florida’s style orange. It is orange and aqua. In all of sport there isn't another team that uses this two colors and it’s only the dolphins and everybody will always think of 1972.Aqua and orange they are not just colors they are perfection.

The Fins have retired the following custom jerseys: #13 Dan Marino, #12 Bob Griese, and #39 Larry Csonka.

THE Miami Dolphins JERSEYS

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